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How do I check the status of my order?


Please contact us with your order number or your phone number that was left when you placed your order, if your order does not arrive within 3 business days or you have any concerns regarding your order.


What if I'm not home to accept the delivery from Goodfarms?

No problem! When confirming your order, you can provide us with instructions on a safe place to leave your box if you're not at home to accept your delivery. In fact, most of our customers are not present when we deliver their food. Some customers simply ask us to leave their Goodfarms box in front of their door. Others tell us to take their box to a helpful neighbour.

Whatever your personal circumstances, our friendly drivers will do their best to find a way to make Goodfarms work for you. However, please bring them inside as soon as possible if your order contains fresh milk or chicken. 

My order arrived with some eggs cracked. What do I do?

We're really sorry to hear this. Eggs are fragile goods so although our warehouse boys and deliver drivers are very gentle in packing and delivery, please understand that there is still chance that 1 or 2 eggs in a full egg box might have cracks on egg shell. We can send replacement in your next order. We will strive to happily resolve any issues with you.

So we can help if there are more than 2 cracks. Please take a photo of the damaged products and contact our Customer Service team within 48 hours after delivery.

I am missing something from my delivery, what should I do?

Please take a photo of the products you received and contact our Customer Service team within a reasonable period of time from delivery. For example, within 4 hours of delivery. So that we can make this right for you!

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