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Our Story

GOOD FARMS Holdings Limited was established in 2015 as a company focused on integrated agriculture, livestock ecosystems, and farm development in New Zealand. The company owns four high-quality natural farms located in Maungaturoto, about 1.5 hours north of Auckland, with a total area of approximately 1900 hectares. GOOD FARMS has large-scale free-range chicken sheds that comply with the highest standards in New Zealand, as well as vast natural grasslands for cattle and commercial residential development areas.


GOOD FARMS Holdings Limited is committed to advancing sustainable agriculture through innovative methods to produce high-quality food and other agricultural products while minimizing environmental impact. Today, the GOOD FARMS ecosystem has expanded to include animal husbandry, dairy products, free-range eggs, and commercial residential development. Our farms are not only our production bases but also centers for providing economic and social development opportunities for the community. We actively collaborate with local governments and organizations to provide a conducive work and living environment for our employees and families, while also supporting and serving the local community. We also invest in technology and research to continuously improve the sustainability of our agricultural and livestock ecosystems to meet the growing demand for food in New Zealand.

Inheritable values
last generations and beyond

Our Poultry Farm

Currently, GOOD FARMS produce over ten of thousands high-quality free-range eggs per day, supplying our free-range eggs to the Auckland market continuously. Our hen houses are designed and built according to the highest free-range standards in New Zealand, and

are constructed under national standard guidance and supervision.


Every ten square meter per hen, allowing our laying hens to move freely. Our farm is certified as one of the highest free-range standards farms in New Zealand, and undergoes annual audits by third-party verification agencies.


In addition to enjoying the best natural food every day, we also add oyster shell powder to the feed to enhance the nutritional content of our eggs and increase the calcium content of the eggshells. Our eggs contain all the health benefits, including higher natural protein,

higher Omega 3, and lower saturated fat.


Since December 31, 2022, supermarkets in New Zealand have banned the sale of cage eggs, which is an important animal welfare measure. This ban aims to encourage farmers to use more sustainable and animal-friendly methods of egg production to improve hen welfare and reduce environmental impact. Since the ban came into effect, demand for free-range eggs has rapidly increased, capturing a portion of the New Zealand egg market. Starting from 2022, egg prices have increased significantly, rising by about 27% in August and another 13% at the end of November. Due to the inability of free-range eggs to fully replace the previous cage egg market, there has been a shortage of egg supply in the market, resulting in sustained price increases. GOOD FARMS has been actively developing the free-range egg industry since 2015, and has benefited from these market changes.


GOOD FARMS' free-range eggs have been recognized by the New Zealand market after seven years of effort and have become the largest Chinese free-range egg enterprise in New Zealand. GOOD FARMS' free-range eggs are directly supplied to major supermarkets in Auckland, including Countdown, Farro Fresh, Dahua, Taiping, Fruit World and other large

chain supermarkets.


Organic Dairy Farm

GOOD FARMS milks approximately 800 cows on a 650-hectare farm, producing up to 150,000 kilograms of organic milk solids annually, along with traditional New Zealand crossbred cows.


GOOD FARMS organic dairy farm specializes in producing organic milk, and this organic dairy

is committed to feeding our cows with all-natural, chemical-free organic feed, including grass,

silage, hay, and carrots. GOOD FARMS do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals on our organic dairy farm, ensuring the health of our cows and the high quality of our dairy products. We place a strong emphasis on the sustainability of

organic farming, maintaining a balance in soil health, environmental friendliness, and animal



GOOD FARMS has been in partnership with Fonterra for 5 years, providing them with high

quality organic milk. Our dairys are one of the main organic milk sources for Fonterra in the

Maungaturoto region, and GOOD FARMS is proud to supply New Zealand with healthy, high

quality organic milk.

Tinopai Dairy Farm

Tinopai Dairy Farm is another dairy farming base of GOOD FARMS located in the Northland

region, boasting iconic and breathtaking coastal scenery.


This land not only offers unobstructed panoramic views, but also important natural and landscaped gardens along the beautiful coastline. Approximately 1,200 happy cows graze on this 800-hectare piece of beautiful land, producing up to 221,000 kilograms of milk solids



GOOD FARMS’ cows are fed on natural pastures, which consist of a mixture of various herbs and grasses. In addition, we also grow crops such as maize and other crops as feed for our cows within the farm. The fertilizer used for irrigating our Tinopai’s pastures and crops comes from fermented chicken manure from GOOD FARMS’ poultry farm, creating an ecological cycle. GOOD FARMS Tinopai dairy farm has been providing high-quality dairy products to numerous customers, including Fonterra, and maintaining long-term partnerships based on sustainability.


We are proud to partner with

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