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​Sustainable Eco-system

GoodFarms focuses on the pure nature and sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry and is committed to combining a variety of agriculture and animal husbandry industries to create a purely natural "agriculture and animal husbandry complementary linkage ecosystem" for sustainable development.

This system deeply strengthens the complementary relationship among various industries in agriculture, improves the resource utilization rate of the whole agriculture, reduces waste, and achieves mutual benefit among industries by using the linkage of industries, and at the same time, the "complementary linkage ecosystem" effectively improves the reuse of natural resources, to let agriculture and the natural environment enter a virtuous and mutually beneficial cycle.

Good Farmers say that "we are willing to accept the generous gifts from nature with gratitude, while we must not and should not forcibly ask from nature". 

​After years of study and practice, GoodFarms has been developing a sustainable system across poultry farm, dairy farm, oyster farm, and horticultural farm, which is called "GOOD FARMS Sustainable Eco-system.

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