GOOD FARMS has 28,000 free-range hens at the moment and can produce 24,000 high-quality free-range eggs per day, which is equivalent to 14,000 dozen per week. The chicken sheds where our hens rest at night are designed according to New Zealand’s highest free-range standard where all the sheds were built under national standard guidance and supervision. Small flock sizes of only 2000 birds in 2 hectares pastures for Certified Free Range means our hens are able to be constantly on the go. Our farm is certified as the highest standard of New Zealand for free-range and is audited by a third-party verifier every year. In addition to the best natural foods that our chickens enjoy every day, we also add processed oyster shell powder into their dietary to enhance the nutritional content of eggs that they produce, as well as increase the calcium content of the eggshells. Our eggs contain all the health benefits, including higher natural protein, higher Omega 3 and less saturated fats.