Good Farms

Free-range eggs




Happy hens lay happy eggs




Our hens are the happiest on earth as they have the 7X24 freedom to roam naturally. Our chooks have modern sheds to protect them from the elements when they need it, but not only do our hens never see the inside of a cage, they are never locked inside. Our chooks are free to come and go out of their sheds as they please twenty-four hours a day. Not all free-range hens are this free-range.In addition to the best natural foods that our chickens enjoy every day, we also add processed oyster shell powder into their dietary to enhance the nutritional content of eggs that they produce, as well as increase the calcium content of the eggshells. Our eggs contain all the health benefits, including higher natural protein, higher Omega 3 and less saturated fats.GOOD FARMS’ Eggs are packed flock by flock – this means that we can track each egg produced from our farms. We joined “Trace My Egg Program” and have our unique free-range egg stamping code by which consumers can trace the eggs to our farm.