Founded in 2015, GOOD FARMS Holding Limited is a New Zealand integrated farming and animal husbandry ecosystem business. The high-quality natural farms of GOOD FARMS are located in Maungaturoto, 1.5 hours north of Auckland. farms cover an area of about 1000 hectares. There are eight New Zealand's highest standard free-range chicken sheds, as well as a vast natural cow pasture, oyster farm and horticulture development area. Since the establishment of the enterprise, we have constantly enriched and improved the comprehensive nature of the farming and animal husbandry ecosystem. Today, the GOOD FARMS ecosystem has included the poultry industry, the dairy industry, the oyster industry, the beekeeping industry and the horticulture industry involved. In the growth process of GOOD FARMS over the years, there are more and more partners who work side by side with us. Some of them are industry elites, such as FRENZ, who has been producing high-standard free-range chicken industry for 40 years and it is a famous egg brand in New Zealand. Another example is EAT THE KIWI, an international fresh food company based in New Zealand, which cooperates with hundreds of New Zealand farm brands and develops its business to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Samoa and other countries and regions. Besides, there are also famous agricultural enterprises in New Zealand, such as TEGEL, PAHI OYSTER, etc. The participation of these partners enables good farms to meet the highest national standards in many areas of agriculture, and also benefits farmers who cooperate with good farms.


In GOOD FARMS, we have a strong belief that sustainability shouldn’t be a special terminology, but a critical and integral component of how we operate, work, and live our daily lives. GOOD FARMS is a leading practitioner of sustainable agriculture who strives for integrating three main objectives into our food system: a healthy environment, alongside social equity and animal welfare. In doing so, GOOD FARMS invented the GF Eco-system Circle which realises synergies between those farming operations, i.e. feed oyster shells to hens, poultry manure applied to dairying land as an organic fertiliser. 


Social responsibility and charity are important parts of Good Farms business operation. GOOD FARMS is very proud to support the Starship Foundation to provide better health and brighter futures for New Zealand children. Also, GOOD FARMS makes donations regularly to society and groups, such as HEART KIDS NZ - Childhood heart defects caring organisation, and Kahui Tu Kaha - Charity organisation characterised by diversity and committed to achieving meaningful health and social outcomes for every New Zealanders.  


Also, GOOD FARMS puts a lot of effort in supporting local art and artist to encourage creativities and allow people who have a dream to dream bigger. We participate in various aspects of art, such as music, filmmaking, and we are glad to see talented artists are rewarded in their works and fulfilling their dream.     


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We produce tasty and nutritious free-range eggs from our farm at Maungaturoto. We believe that healthy hens are raised happily from caring hands, hearts and lives. Our hens not only feed on a variety of high-quality natural diet, but they also live a stress-free outdoor life where fresh air, green pastures and sunshine are their daily companions. All the natural goodness ensures our hens are joyful and healthy so they can produce the finest eggs.  












GOOD FARMS is milking approximately 800 cows in a 500 hectares farm, producing up to 150,000 kgMS a year, in addition to traditional Kiwi crossbred dairy cows.

New Zealand is one of the largest dairy exporters in the world, supported by more than 10,000 best farmers and their families. GOOD FARMS is a proud supplier of Fonterra, a global dairy nutrition giant. 

We look after our land, our cows and our people on farms as an active member of the community.









We collect fresh oysters from our loyal partner who farms Pacific oysters at Pahi, a gorgeous spot at the end of a peninsula in the beautiful Kaipara Harbour on Northland’s west coast of New Zealand. With the perfect climate and plentiful pure water, oysters grow strong and healthy all year-round. The oysters from Pahi has a consistently sweet and uniquely fresh flavour - the mark of seafood as it naturally should be. 


We will only supply you the freshest oysters, packed most freshly, alive and whole.  


We have been devoting greatest efforts to Safety and satisfaction to our customers, at the same time protecting our nature and keep everything sustainably and circularly, This means that we process oyster shell and add them into our chicken feed for our poultry farm to improve the nutrition of eggs.